The X-Factor of Outdoor Weddings: How to Handle the Weather

Rain is truly the four letter curse word of the wedding world. No bride envisions her wedding day as cloudy, gray, and wet, but unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate for important events.


Keep Smiling! Above and beyond everything else, your attitude can make or break the weather situation. That wise advice to dance in the rain can completely apply here. If you are still happy and having fun, your guests will follow.

Use the Weather to your Advantage. We’ve all seen those adorable Pinterest pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids gathered around in matching umbrellas and boots celebrating a Destin beach wedding. That could be you! As long as you plan accordingly with the requisite accessories, you can use the weather as your opportunity to gain unique and memorable pictures. You could even create last-minute signs and props to incorporate the rain like you had it planned that way all along. Imagine a few wedding pictures with you and your groom impersonating some of the most romantic movie rain scenes (we’re talking about you, The Notebook). Dry clothes and clear skies can’t compete with that!

Turn Your Backup Plan into a Well Oiled Machine. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is stress out about the details of the venue, guests arriving in the correct place, and keeping your dress white through the rain. Avoid chaos by hammering down your backup plan well in advance. Renting a tent gives you an easy way to run for cover during a downpour or steady drizzle, but also allows the flexibility of returning to uncovered skies if the weather clears up. If renting a tent isn’t an option, you will want to determine a second venue to use in case of day-long nasty weather. Send “rain cards” to your guests so that they know the plan and other location possibilities.

At the end of the day, your wedding will be memorable because of the person you are marrying and the people with whom you share your memories. While it’s important to prepare for the weather, no amount of rain, wind, or snow can prevent you from cherishing the memories you make.

The Best Honeymoon Spots in 2015

Different couples have their own different unique meanings of their ideal honey moon destinations. Ideally one thing that does remain unanimous is the want and need of having a secluded enjoyable period with one’s life partner; away from the ever ending stresses of life. As this is the case with many individuals, below are five top spots honeymoon destination countries that will sure wow you and your partner; giving you a chance to bond with your partner and nature.


Ko samui, Thailand

This large island at the gulf of Siam is in the top spots for honeymooners simply because it offers stunning beaches. One is offered the opportunity to be adventurous and get an opportunity to engage in adrenaline pumping activities like snorkeling, diving, kayaking and the likes while still enjoying the various spa treatments.

Cook Islands

Just between Hawaii and New Zealand, one gets the opportunity to enjoy natural habitats at its very best in Cook Islands. The restful atmosphere here is apparent as one enjoys their surroundings that have had minimal destruction by humans. The dramatic views on display are simply breathtaking; a fact that is enhanced with the great hotels, spa, retreats and private villas offered.

Kenya, Mombasa

For those who want to experience a little bit of a wild destination area, then Kenya in Africa is the ideal honeymoon destination area. Famous for the wildebeest migration; one of the seven wonders of the world, one gets a chance to see this in the flesh and so much more sightings like gazelle, zebras, rhinos, elephants and big cats while enjoying the great beaches.

Australia, Byron bay

For those who don’t want to be restricted by the range of activities they can perform, then the Byron bay in Australia is the most logical honeymoon destination spot. From fantastic foods, to the vibrant city life to the beaches and marine life offered one gets to enjoy their stay there in pure luxury.

US, Virgin Islands
Finally the Virgin Islands in the US offer a different and unique kind of honeymoon destination for newlyweds. This is the form of a duty free shopping experience. This means that apart from enjoying the pristine bays, and beaches offered by the 50 islands, one can simply go crazy with their shopping experience while saving money.

Are you wondering where to have your honeymoon?

honeymoon sandAre you planning your wedding? It is the best time you can enjoy while you shop for clothes, jewelries and list the guests, food and decor. There is so much to do when you are planning your own wedding. One of the most important things about any wedding happens to be the honeymoon post ceremony. Yes, if you both are not very busy just after the wedding and can take a week off your office then you must keep the agenda of honeymoon in your to-do list. It is one of the oldest but most romantic thing that a couple does after their marriage to celebrate their love, happiness and togetherness.

Select the place…

Where to have your honeymoon? the foremost thing that you choose is the destination. There are innumerable places in this world that are just perfect for a honeymoon getaway. SO you need to choose following a few steps. The first step happens to be both of your choice about sea, mountains or cities. Once you have decided on that front, you are step ahead to choose your destination. The next step happens to be the kind of climatic condition you would prefer while you get cozy with your beloved for one whole week. After you have actually decided on that as well, all you need to do is fix your budget and select the perfect destination where you two lovebirds would enjoy a romantic holiday away from everything and just the two of you.

Pack your essentials…

If are a truly romantic, you would surely choose a sea side or a tropical island with absolute bliss. Do not forget to pack your best swimwear and bikini and lots of sun tan lotions. You can even pack some swimming gears if you are planning to go snorkeling or diving. For couple who loves mountains, you must take warm clothes and colorful clothes to makes it a cherry and chilly honeymoon for your two.

Why Destination Weddings Are Gaining So Much Popularity?

Are you looking for new and exciting stuff for your wedding day? Do you want it to be a private affair yet a remembered one? The answer to your entire predicament is a destination wedding. It’s the hot new trend today. With weddings in Naples, Florida, all the way to Florence, Italy, people are making their wedding their honeymoon. It’s the best way to get married to your life partner. Imagine yourself on a Sunkissed Beach exchanging rings, to go traditional one can choose a palace, for the nature lovers, top of a mountain or cliff or a garden full of flowers, or you can book a cruise to celebrate your big day.

Destination weddings come with a lot of options to choose, ranging from the grand affair to small private parties. It also comes inflexible budget options that will suit your pocket. Such an affair is well handled by an expert and covered best if you have an expert, photographer.
Best Destination Wedding Photographer is always in demand; this type of marriages is getting a lot of response from the would-be couples. People want something different, to come out of the same old traditional shackles.
A destination photographer has the right knowledge, the right equipment to frame those candid and raw emotions on your big day. Picking up the good photographer will add more stars to your memories of the most important day in your life.

Other than only collecting photographs, couples might think of more convincing ideas such as making a full wedding film of your own, or a total personalized album having exclusive rare and stunning photographs. Sanibel beach weddings might help you suggest more bright ideas that you can use. The photographer himself will bring along his team to fulfil all your desires regarding audio video materials.

The team often consists of:-
1. A creative director who decides the theme of the photo shoot gives away his innovative ideas to make your wedding more enjoyable and fun.
2. Lights man helps in proving the perfect amount of light exposure to get that correct pic.
3. The editor does post-production tasks. Correcting pictures, colour in it, edges, highlights, etc.
4. The sound designer who record those vows and promises that are exchanged. He makes your wedding film sweet audible by removing disturbing sounds.
5. Cameraman to shoot the whole thing and all that’s happening in a marriage.
Don’t just book a banquet hall near your residence. Pack your bags and head for your favourite destination to get married. It’s exciting, and exotic experience will set an inspiration for others.

The Best Beach Wedding Locations

Most people dream of a beach wedding, but get worried about privacy. It can be very challenging to get a beach wedding location that is free from random interruption of Frisbee-passing strangers. Planning a wedding, especially if you are pining for a destination wedding on the sand does not come easy. However, if you are planning for a wedding on the sand, then this article will exclusively explore on the best beach wedding locations that you can consider for your wedding.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the best locations to consider since it is relatively easy to get there and filled with all-inclusive resorts. These resorts offer affordable package deals to visitors. Moreover, it is convenient for you and your partner on a tight budget.


Belize offers visitors a more diverse spot for their wedding than other run-of-the-mill beach locations. This place boasts beautiful sandy beaches and it is a home to lush rainforests. Once you get there, it will be easy for you to save some green. Notably, Belize has very few expensive mega-resorts even though there are some luxury boutiques in the country.

Destin, Florida

If you want to be in a location where you can save on your beach wedding, then Destin, Florida is a great option for you since it has less expensive spots but pretty beaches for saying ’I do’’. It has an affordable gateway no matter the season.

Negril, Jamaica

In Jamaica, Negril has the most beautiful sunsets and some of the most affordable accommodations. It is relatively inexpensive and nonetheless easy to get there since you can fly into the airport at Montego Bay and then take a shuttle. This place is famous due to its seven-mile beach, which is one of the longest and softest beaches in Jamaica. It is a popular spot for weddings and you can find excellent seafood there.easy to get there since vi